Please take time to read comments by our past apprentices, many of whom now have their own business, or work alongside other lettercarvers.

The apprenticeship meant a huge amount to me. It gave me the rare opportunity to learn from a highly trained, well-established lettercarver and the chance to concentrate on lettering to a degree that would have been impossible for me to do myself.

My future aims in relation to letter carving are to continue learning about a huge subject that can take a lifetime to develop an understanding of. My lettercarving skills have been greatly improved and, in a way, it’s good to know that there is still so much to learn because it means that the opportunity to better myself in my chosen career hasn’t come to a halt.

Louise Tiplady Past Apprentice

One of the many advantages of the apprenticeship was the opportunity to visit other lettercarvers in their workshops. I found them all very generous with their time, sharing their knowledge of lettercarving and their experiences of running a small business. These meetings have shown me how to put systems into place that have helped me in setting up my own lettercarving business.

Sheena Devitt Past Apprentice

During my two year apprenticeship I received an all round training in every aspect of lettercutting, from the essential practical skills of carving and stone handling, fixing and design, to the equally important matters of interpreting customers’ wishes and job pricing. I have learnt a huge amount in the best possible way – that is, by working day to day with a leading expert in the field who was willing to share his knowledge and enthusiasm with me.

Peter Hampson Past Apprentice

Before I started the apprenticeship I was unsure which career path I wanted to take. I now work as a self-employed letter carver producing many kinds of commissions, including home and garden projects as well as memorials, plaques and signs. I run my own business doing a job that I thoroughly enjoy and cannot think of anything else I would want to do more.

Stuart Buckle Past Apprentice

The opportunity to spend time as an apprentice has been an  invaluable experience. I am very grateful for all the help and support that The Memorial Arts Charity has offered over the past year.

Having already acquired a level of carving skills the focus of my apprenticeship leaned towards the drawing and studying of letter forms and their proportions. Over the year I also got to experience many different aspects of the business from shaping and preparing the stone to cutting, finishing and fixing. Visits to other artists’ workshops were also beneficial, not only to see their work and working environment but also to get a small glimpse of what excites and inspires them.

The part-time apprenticeship worked really well for me, I was able to dedicate time to studying and practising the craft of lettering as well as continuing to work as a designer. Throughout my apprenticeship my confidence has grown and my interest and desire to learn and create has increased. I am slowly building up a portfolio of work and I’ve taken on several small commissions. In the future I hope to be a full-time crafts person.

Fiona Flack 2010 Apprentice

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