The Art & Memory Collection: How You Can Help

The Art & Memory Collection can be seen at six venues throughout the UK. It is an evolving collection that the Memorial Arts Charity, now The Lettering and Commemorative Arts Trust (LCAT), will add to over the years to ensure that the art of fine lettering and craftsmanship is carried on for future generations.

If you would like to be involved in supporting the Memorial Arts we would be most grateful for a donation towards our work, however small.  This could be towards our core funding or towards any one of our projects.

If your donation is for £20.00 or more we would be happy to send you a free copy of the Art & Memory catalogue or our DVD on the work of The Lettering and Commemorative Arts Trust.   Our projects are:

The two-year Apprenticeship Scheme

A Journeyman Scheme

A six month placement for professional letter carvers

Letter-carving Workshops in Cambridge, Kent, Cumbria and Scotland

The Art & Memory Collection (a National Collection of Contemporary Memorial Art)

Guidance on all aspects of commissioning commemorative work

Lettering Workshops for Schools

TOUCH Workshops for blind & visually impaired children


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