Recommended Reading List

Art & Memory in the Churchyard (The Memorial Arts Charity, 2010)

Editor: Christine Oestreicher

Fully illustrated book and includes a catalogue of works from the Collection with artists’ statements on each work and articles on: Good design, Names, dates and epitaphs, Unusual memorials & the churchyard rules, and the Art and craft of lettercarving.

Art & Memory: New Perspectives on Memorial Art (Memorial Arts Charity, 2009)

Editor: Harriet Frazer and Christine Oestreicher

Comment: The fully illustrated catalogue of the launch of The Art & Memory Collection (2009) at West Dean Gardens.

Memorials by Artists Guide (4th edition, Memorials by Artists, 2008)

Editor: Harriet Frazer

Fully revised fourth edition of this practical guide, illustrated in colour throughout.

Memorials by Artists for Young People, Children and Babies (Memorials by Artists, 2005)

Editor: Harriet Frazer and Hilary Meynell

Over 70 full colour illustrations and several helpful articles.

Lettering in the environment (Laurence King, 2003)

Author: Phil Baines & Catherine Dixon

Tombstone Lettering in the British Isles (Lund Humphries, 1978)

The English Lettering Tradition from 1700 to the Present Day (Lund Humphries, 1986, 1989)

Author: Alan Bartram

Two excellent surveys of British vernacular lettering.

Heavens Above: Incisive Letterwork (Cornwall Editions Limited, 2005)

Author: Brenda Berman & Annett Stirling

The Churchyard Handbook (Church House Publishing (4th edition), 2001

Editor: Thomas Cocke

English Churchyard Memorials (Lutterworth, 1963, 2004)

Author: Frederick Burgess

The Origin of the Serif: Brush Writing and Roman Letters (Catich Gallery 1991)

Author: Edward Catich

Rudolf Koch Letterer Type Designer Teacher (Oak Knoll Press, 2000)

Author: Gerald Cinamon

English Stone Building (Gollancz/ Peter Crawley, 1994, 1996)

Author: Alec Clifton-Taylor

A good account of the variations in character of native stone.

Tom Perkins - Lettercarver (EJF Books on the Lettering Arts, 1998)

Editor: Gerald Fleuss

The Art of Remembering (Memorials by Artists/Carcanet, 1998)

Editor: Harriet Frazer & Christine Oestreicher

The comprehensively illustrated catalogue to an exhibition of 54 specially made works in stone and other materials, organised by Memorials by Artists. Includes introduction, eight articles and artists’ statements.

Autobiography (Lund Humphries, 1997)

Author: Eric Gill

Early New England Gravestone Rubbings (Dover, 1966)

Author: Gillon

Carved Memories: Heritage in stone from the Russian Jewish Pale (Rizzoli International Publications, 2000)

Author: David Goberman

Lettering and Carving (Sacketss, 1988 & 1994)

Author: Richard Grasby

A History of Lettering (Phaidon, 1986)

Author: Nicolete Gray

Illustrated history of the capital letter.

Lettercutting in Stone (Anthony Nelson, 1989 & Sacketts 2002)

Author: Richard Grasby

A good practical manual.

Creative Lettering Today (A & C Black, 1996)

Author: Michael Harvey

Three-books-in-one: Drawing letters, cutting of letters, and digital letters – a comprehensive guide to lettering in many media, from stone and wood to digital type.

Schrift + Symbol in Stein Holz und Metal (Callwey, 1977, 1984 & 1995)

Author: Sepp Jacob, Donatus Leicher

Text in German.

Writing & Illuminating & Lettering (A & C Black, 1994)

Author: Edward Johnston

A seminal handbook, first published in 1906.

Formal Brush Writing (Twice Publishing, 1999)

Author: Tom Kemp

Letters Slate Cut (Cardozo Kindersley, 1990)

Author: David Kindersley & Lida Lopes Cardozo

Workshop practices & illustrations of Kindersley work.

Hallowed Ground – the Churchyards of Wiltshire (Picton, 1993)

Cornwall’s Churchyard Heritage (Twelveheads Press, 1996)

Author: Hilary Lees

Of Graves and Epitaphs (Hutchinson, 1965)

Author: Kenneth Lindley

The Art of Death (Reaktion Books/V&A Museum, 1991)

Author: Nigel Llewellyn

Eric Gill (Faber 1989)

Author: Fiona MacCarthy

Stone Mad (Routledge 1950 & Collins Press 2005)

Author: Séamus Murphy

Autobiography of an Irish monumental mason.

The Art of Letter Carving in Stone (Crowood Press, 2007)

Author: Tom Perkins

Manual on letter design and carving, with numerous photos of work by many letter carvers.

Natural Stone Directory (QMJ Publishing, 2008/9, 16th edition)

A useful reference including listings of natural stone quarries, wholesalers, stonemasons, equipment and service suppliers and industry related organisations.

Stones – a Guide to some Remarkable 18th Century Gravestones (Canongate, 1978)

Author: Betty Willsher & Doreen Hunter

Understanding Scottish Graveyards (Canongate, 1997)

Author: Betty Willsher

Scottish Epitaphs & Images (Canongate, 1997)

Author: Betty Willsher

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