Harry Brockway

I studied sculpture at art school and then trained as a stone mason. I have been a stone carver for twenty years.

I work mainly with Portland limestone and Bath stone but I have used sandstone, slate and marble. I am interested in relief sculpture and like to combine relief carving with lettering whenever possible. Besides my work as an architectural carver and maker of memorials I am a Wood Engraver. I have designed and engraved illustrations for many books.

I find the two disciplines compliment each other very well. Literary ideas for illustrations often find their way into my sculpture and sculptural forms are what I favour in my engraving. I have taught stone carving and wood engraving. Recently I have had the opportunity to return to modelling in clay.

Whatever the medium, I try to create things that are expressive and well made. Making a memorial combines all my interests and helping relatives to make a memorial is the most rewarding thing I do.

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