Michael Rust

The Michael Rust Studio creates lasting and beautiful work in wood and stone for memorials, lettering art, creative sculpture and decorative pieces for private and public commissions.

Each piece is individually designed in the Studio after in depth discussions with the client to ascertain their aims and wishes and to accord with their budget. After the initial free consultation at the Studio, in most cases, a site visit follows, as it is important that the work should accord with the surroundings in which it will be placed or seen.

Founded in 1986, the Studio has built a reputation for the finest work, creating individual sculpture designs which are drawn and then carved, as well as lettering based mostly on the use of the broad edged brush or pen, before being transferred to the wood or stone and hand cut with chisel, mallet and gouge. This timeless craft, which has been handed down by generations of artist-craftsmen, results in a beauty of form which arises through the intriguing dichotomy of, on the one hand the mental striving after perfection and, on the other, the failure to quite achieve it. This generates human warmth of feeling flowing from the material to the beholder, which cannot be created in any other way.

Contemporary headstones

Memorial tablets

Building plaques

Works in wood

Sundry works