Robyn Golden-Hann

Fitting and sensitive memorials can be such an important part of the grieving process, there is something uniquely gratifying in being able to provide such a personal service.

Based in Wiltshire/Hampshire the majority of memorials are carved from locally quarried stones. Particular attention is paid to developing a close working relationship with clients who are encouraged to visit the studio to see work in progress. Indeed, some clients have taken a ‘hands-on’ approach and even undertaken some of the carving themselves!

A traditionally trained stonemason and carver, Robyn studied letter carving at Weymouth College before working for ecclesiastical and architectural masonry firms in the UK and Czech Republic. She eventually went on to refine her lettering skills with the late David Kindersley’s at his renowned Cambridge workshop before moving to Wiltshire to work on the restoration of Salisbury cathedral. After 10 years of cathedral work, culminating in the design and carving of Sir Edward Heath’s memorial, Robyn set up her own lettering and carving studio in 2006.

I’ve always loved English churchyards and consider it a pleasure and privilege to be able to add to such a cherished environment.

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