Ivy by Pippa Westoby

Ivy by Pippa Westoby


This carving, in Welsh slate, by Pippa Westoby, celebrates the word ‘Ivy’, and was created as part of our exhibition ‘The Lost Words - Forget-me-not.’ For this exhibition artists have created a permanent record of the natural words removed from the Oxford Junior Dictionary. Size: 30 x 20cm


A woody evergreen Eurasian climbing plant, typically having shiny, dark green five-pointed leaves.

Genus Hedera, family Araliaceae: several species, in particular the common H. helix, which is often seen climbing on tree trunks and walls

ORIGIN: Old English īfig, of Germanic Origin; related to the first elements of Dutch eiloof and German Efeu.

IVY, Conker, Dandelion: these words were part of my childhood – and that of my teenage daughters. I find it extraordinary that they have been omitted from the Oxford Junior Dictionary. How can flowers, bird or animals be redundant? They are part of nature. It’s vitally important that children are alerted to the world around them rather than being constantly glued to their smartphones.

Ivy is one of those plants that can be overlooked. It’s always there –‘ever green’ – clinging to walls and running along the ground. I wanted to celebrate its autumn colour and bring it front of stage for once. Let’s not ignore it.

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