Brass Alphabet by ROBBIE SCHNEIDER

Brass Alphabet by ROBBIE SCHNEIDER


Verona Rosso marble and embedded brass.
When I made this alphabet I had been looking at graffiti for a while and I made a number of pieces in various materials based on some of what I had seen. I liked the way that quite a lot of graffiti plays with illusory effects of light and a sense of solidity in two-dimensional images. It was hard to resist exploring what the effect might be of carving actual three-dimensional forms, and in this case, of using very decorative and reflective materials. I think that what excited me most was the realisation that drawn and carved lettering really does not need to be true to calligraphic principles or a traditional sense of letter design or layout.
This alphabet was hand cut from sheet brass and set into Verona Rosso marble.
49 x 37 x 4 cm.

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