Linocut printed on parchment, mounted on wood

Artist statement

I am a London-based calligrapher and letterer. Most of my commissions consist of formal Memorial Books, using pen and ink. For my personal work I prefer designing and drawing lettering that is cut from lino and then printed on either handmade paper or parchment. I usually work in monochrome, sometimes using one additional colour and/or gilding to create a particular focus.

I came across the words for Denied accidentally. There are various versions of it circulating on the internet, but they all have one word in common: NO. This very basic word used in this particular context has more power than any physical action could ever achieve. The mind trumps the body yet again.

The lettering is made to look like a cage where both agents co-exist, with only the red NO emphasising the power of the one over the other, almost giving emphasis to the fact that sometimes one has to be cruel to be kind. Paradoxically NO is also the word that ties the two together: without the one the other’s existence would have no purpose. 

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