For Nature Cannot Be Fooled by LIDA KINDERSLEY

For Nature Cannot Be Fooled by LIDA KINDERSLEY


Welsh slate roundel with hand carved inscription and floral flourishing

Artist statement

Lida Lopes Cardozo Kindersley studied graphic design at the Royal Academy in the Hague before joining David Kindersley in 1976 to be an apprentice in his Cambridge workshop; they worked together from then until his death in 1995. Examples of their work include the British Library Gates, inscriptions for the Ruskin Gallery in Sheffield and memorials in both Westminster Abbey and St Pauls Cathedral, amongst many other commissions that can be found in the United Kingdom and across the globe. Together they wrote numerous publications about the art of lettercutting and the importance of the Workshop and apprenticeship. Lida continues to publish written works under the Cardozo Kindersley imprint.

Since 1995 Lida has run the Workshop with the help of her second husband Graham Beck. In 2015, the same year the Workshop celebrated David Kindersley’s Centenary, she was awarded an MBE for services to lettercutting. Passionate about handing on her knowledge to future generations, Lida has produced workbooks with Oxford University Press teaching handwriting and penmanship for children. The Workshop continues to take on apprentices to ensure the continuation of the craft of lettercutting, practised at the highest level.

For Nature Cannot Be Fooled:

These are the final words of Richard Feynman’s report on the Challenger Shuttle Incident. A dear friend gave me this quote and I believe it a sentiment well worth cutting in stone – for nature certainly must be accorded a deep respect. All the flowers carved on this stone are considered weeds – nature’s beauty in triumph over human orderliness.

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