The commonest thing is delightful only if one hides it by LUCIA LEYFIELD

The commonest thing is delightful only if one hides it by LUCIA LEYFIELD


Corten steel (rusted), 22ct gold leaf, MDF board, collage using old papers

Artist statement

I was introduced to hand rendered lettering through the LCAT 18 years ago when I did a four month workshop with Ieaun Rees. It stands as one of the most pivotal creative moments of my life...I was given permission to draw letters ..and draw them some more! This was something I had been discouraged from previously during a typography degree! Three children later I am still enjoying drawing letters which I cut from steel and paper I also love to use  lettering in my illustrated journals and artists books.

Expressing words within the lettering arts has always thrown up so many creative problems for me as one word can mean so much, a collection of words so much more. I had an idea that I'd like to hide a word in some words and a friend suggested using this quote by Oscar Wilde which he uses within the websites he designs as a challenge to hackers that he is aware of what they are doing! The layout of the text relies partly on prediction but also urges the reader to look harder and to read slowly in order to find the next part of the word.

The letters in this piece are hand drawn individually, scanned in then drawn around digitally. Each letter-form is an individual artwork. The letters are then introduced gradually on screen to slowly build up the finished layout. The points at which the letters join are merged together which locks them into place. The additional complication of this piece was to try to incorporate another word within the words...can you spot it?

I work this way a lot and love the visual and creative challenges of carefully balancing the interior and exterior space whilst all the time trying the get the letters to join. It always results in a layout which has evolved almost on its own and is rather wonky and expressive. The strength of the steel allows some of the joins to be quite delicate in appearance and I'm always pushing for less joins!

 This piece is cut from mild steel which has been rapidly rusted in a combination of chemicals then sealed. The papers used to cover the back board are envelopes  found in a car bootsale. I like the pale staining of the paper against the patina of the rusted steel but also that they reference a time when everyone used to write. The new steel lettering and old envelopes are sensitive to each other in colour but also provide a being generated by modern technology and the other by hand, pen and ink.

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