Mak Melody by ANN MASON

Mak Melody by ANN MASON


Coloured pencils on Arches HP 300

Artist statement

Calligraphy has been a life-long interest since I was introduced to it at school.  I am a self-taught calligrapher and more recently a lettering artist. Since retiring in 2014 lettering has become my passion and I am enjoying a second “career” as a calligraphy teacher.

I love the words and haphazard spelling of this extract from “On the Nativitie of Christ” by William Dunbar (1460 – 1522).

I’m a great fan of coloured pencils so it seemed an ideal opportunity to use my favourite medium. I love how coloured pencil glides onto paper and allows you to layer and build up colour. You can tease the letterforms out of the paper with the lightest of marks made with a super-sharp coloured pencil. There are many uplifting words in the piece but I chose to concentrate on the last phrase and, I hope, make the words dance to their own melody.

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