Acrylic paints and Finetec watercolours, pointed pen, pastel and handmade Florentine marbled papers

Artist statement

Jan Turner is a calligrapher working from her studio in Kent. She has undertaken many private commissions and has exhibited her work regularly since 1995. She enjoys the freedom of expressive work but also the meditative experience of concentrating on detailed, more formal work. She specialises in gilding, using a wide variety of traditional and modern methods. Each calligraphic work provides a unique challenge.


This piece is a joyful celebration of light, love and gold and a book seemed the ideal medium to use for it: ideal to be given as a present; to be displayed as a celebration of love; maybe to be kept closed as an acknowledgment of a secret love? The subtle changes of different colours of gold in the writing and in the background make the light dance across the page. I chose a delicate script, commonly called ‘Mouse Roman’, which is written slowly with a pointed nib and uses a pressure and release technique on each stroke to give subtle variations in weight. Written without restrictive guidelines the letters have a lively appearance to reflect the joyous nature of the subject.

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