The Ultimate Green Thought by HELEN SCHOLES

The Ultimate Green Thought by HELEN SCHOLES


FW ink, china marker, Chinese brush lettering on textured Moulin du Roy paper

Artist statement

Helen Scholes is an illustrator and lettering artist who works in Wiltshire. She trained as a graphic designer and teacher and likes to work with different media. She also enjoys traditional work and heraldry. She has recently taken on the job of designer and editor of the Edge for the Calligraphy & Lettering Arts Society, of which she is a Fellow. Helen is currently studying full time at the European Lettering Institute in Bruges.

’The Ultimate Green Thought’ was inspired by the words of a poem of the same name by my friend Sue Kindon. It uses words like ‘lasso’, ’tightrope’, 'lifeline’ and ‘rope’ and I designed an alphabet to use to write it out using a continuous stroke, like a coil of rope. I wrote it out using a thin Chinese brush held vertically and a light touch on wet and dry areas of the paper using FW Ink. Text by Sue Kindon and used with permission

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