Away with words by SUE SMITH

Away with words by SUE SMITH


Ruling/folded pens, gouache and sumi ink on rough handmade Indian paper

Artist statement

Sue first became interested in calligraphy whilst studying Art at school. Unable to continue with calligraphy at a more advanced level it was not until taking early retirement from full time teaching that she re-kindled her early enthusiasm. Now after many years studying formal calligraphy, Sue’s particular calligraphic interest lies in the forms of the letters, in the movement that produces them, and their use as design elements in line, shape, texture and pattern. She is more interested in exploring and experimenting, in working with different media, always focussing on the structure and forms of letters. 

Away with Words

In this piece I was inspired by the title of the exhibition “A Way with Words” and how easily that could be re-aligned to “Away with Words” No words, nothing legible, just the movement or gesture used to produce letterforms, the different rhythms required and the balance between the forms and the spaces. I felt the rough Khadi hand-made paper was a suitable choice to play with as a break with more traditional writing and used the bright colours to emphasise the importance of the counter spaces.

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