Yet must thou sail ...? By Mark Brooks

Yet must thou sail ...? By Mark Brooks


Yet must thou sail after knowledge, knowing less than drugged beasts’ Quote by unknown sage. Carved into reclaimed victorian house brick.

About Mark Brooks

I first picked up a broad edged calligraphy pen in 1975, aged 9, I have been fascinated by letterforms ever since.  What began as a school boy hobby developed into a lifetimes work as a professional lettering artist, working across a range of materials and methods including carved stone, pen and paper, ceramics, graphic design, digital and print making. 

I teach calligraphy, and have presented lectures to calligraphy societies in London and Tokyo.  My work as calligrapher has taken  me to many places including Mexico, Russia, Monaco and Cyprus.

In my early forties after completing thousands of lettering commissions, an interest in Art History led me to take a Fine Art Degree at Canterbury Christchurch University where a new passion for painting emerged. 

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