Are you planning a memorial?

For more than 30 years, we’ve helped people to create unique and personal memorials, designed by artists. The expressive power of hand-carved lettering on memorials cannot be overstated. Their sculptural forms have a presence and a humanity. The hand-carved letters give the chosen words weight and meaning.  The UK’s finest artists have joined our register, all of them chosen by Master letter carvers for the exceptional quality of their work. You may have visited our former website

Designing the appropriate memorial and finding the right artist begins with a conversation. We talk over the phone, or in person, about what sort of memorial you would like. Memorials by artists can be simple or highly decorative. They can be designed for churchyard, cemetery or private garden. We’ll help you to find an artist who will work closely with you to design and create your memorial. Or you may prefer to visit the artists’ profiles in order to choose an artist.  You can then  contact them directly from their page.


The Right Choice

Whether you have only a nugget of an idea of what kind of memorial you’d like, or have a more detailed plan, we can help. We will guide you through the process of choosing an artist from our register and creating your memorial. We work with only the finest artists in the UK. We also have publications available, with photographs of memorials to help to inspire.


Once you’ve chosen your artist, you’ll talk to them by phone or email or visit their studio to discuss your ideas. Your artist will give you an idea of the cost and create a design. This is a collaborative process, and you are encouraged to make comments and suggestions on the drawings. When you approve a design and costs, an application is made to your church or cemetery. Once approved, your artist will then give you an idea of the likely timescales involved.


The Carving Process

Only when the design is absolutely perfect will the artist commit  hammer to chisel. Having prepared the stone, the artist carves the letters, each carefully spaced, creating rhythm and beauty.

Installing your Piece

Most of our artists can install your finished memorial. This ancient tradition, sometimes called ‘fixing’, ensures the stone is positioned in the best possible manner. Some artists will have a memorial fixer that they regularly use. You may like to come to the installation, this is something you can discuss this with your artist.