Alphabet for our Heroes by BRENDA BERMAN & ANNET STIRLING

Alphabet for our Heroes by BRENDA BERMAN & ANNET STIRLING



If their work on paper, their recording of images and designs from all manner of sources (whether calligraphic, graphic, historic or organic) is integral, the nature of the tool marks themselves is also crucial. Apart from being an obvious extension of those marks of extraction and splitting in the quarry, this piece, made in 1991 and dedicated to the letterers of the past, sums up many of Incisive Letterwork’s ideas about the aesthetics of the chisel and its versatility. Using a variety of techniques including deep clawing, they made a frieze of letters 9 meters long and 30 centimetres high bordered by the names of some lettering icons. It seems now to have been an obvious statement of intent. Naturally indebted though Berman and Stirling are to tradition, pieces like this showed how they wanted to move on. It was about the letter abstracted, the often deep relief of the carving introducing a new element of expression. And in just one object there was a great range of design, each letter having different stylistic origins.’ ( adapted from David Whiting’s – Beneath the surface – article in ‘Heavens Above’ by Incisive Letterwork).

Six pieces 31 x 92 cm each

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