J by Fiona Flack

J by Fiona Flack


Medium: Ancaster hard white (limestone), gilded with 24ct gold

Size: 13 x 17cm

‘J’ was created as part of the Lettering Arts Trust exhibition ‘Living Letters.’

‘The 26 letters of the alphabet are the building blocks of our writing system. Somehow they convey the written word and the sounds of a spoken language. This random handful of lines and shapes opens up a universe of thought and shared ideas.

The marks we recognise today have been 5000 years in the making. Throughout history their visible expression has been shaped by the technologies available, by fashion and imagination. They’ve been scratched penned, brushed, printed, drawn, carved, cast and etched. As well as being functional, letters hold great graphic possibility.

The individual approach of each artist, using a variety of techniques and media, helps us look again at the 26 letters that describe our world.’ Giles Macdonald, curator.

About the artist

Fiona is a trained designer and over the last seven years she has been using her creative experience to work in stone.

Drawing and design are fundamental parts of the process to creating unique carved pieces of work. Her sensitivity to the material and the skills she has developed enable her to produce individual and beautifully hand carved commissions, including at Ely Cathedral.

Working from her Cambridgeshire studio, Fiona continues to learn and embrace the traditional skills used to work in stone and slate.

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