Limited Edition Metal Type Set, Letters: B L W

Limited Edition Metal Type Set, Letters: B L W


The letters B, L and W, in 72 point (equivalent to 1’’) Albertus Tilting - the most important typeface of the 20th century, designed by Berthold Wolpe, seen on the street signs of Lambeth and the City of London.

Cast at The Type Archive on a Monotype Supercaster machine, the composition caster has 4,000 moving parts.

The Type Archive holds the national Typefounding Collection, purchased with grants from the National Heritage Memorial Fund; broadly comprising of:

1. The typefounding materials of the Sheffield type founders, Stephenson Blake, a collection dating from 16th century London type founders to their 20th century counterparts.

2. The hot metal archive and plant of the Monotype Corporation, operating from Salfords in Surrey from 1897, and in London’s Lambeth from 1992 to date.

3. The Woodletter pattern collection and plant of Robert DeLittle in York form 1888, and in Lambeth from 1996.

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