Volunteer your skills

 There are all sorts of ways you can volunteer with us

We are a friendly group of people who would love you to join us as a volunteer and help  support the lettering arts (we’ll have tea and biscuits ready too).


Event Management

Preparation, set up, take down (including washing up!) at events such as private views, talks and demonstrations.


Workshop helper

Help set up and run workshops at the Lettering Arts Centre (roll your sleeves up and join in).


Event Planning

Administrative work planning and preparing events and courses to run without hitch.



Help with our communications both digital and print creating banners and brochures and social media content.


admin Services

Invaluable admin and office support or help with the cataloguing of artist works.



Tech Support

Provide PC tech support and advice or help with image management – saving and documenting images after events.

Help friends find more friends

Why not volunteer by being part of our Friends committee

We hold lively and interesting meetings four times a year. Some of the ways you could help the committee would be to help spread the word about the Lettering Arts Trust among your friends, and help the committee plan ways to increase the involvement of other organisations or corporations.