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The Lettering & Commemorative  Arts Trust is encouraging Britain’s long tradition of lettercarving in stone, slate and wood to flourish through our Apprenticeship and Journeyman Schemes, our programme of exhibitions at the Lettering Arts Centre, Snape Maltings, national Lettercarving workshops, The  Art & Memory Collection, and various illustrated publications. We have helped and advised over five thousand people across the British Isles and also overseas, with the commissioning of commemorative works and well designed, unique memorials for churchyard, cemetery, private garden or public space. Please see our commissioning website  www.memorialsbyartists.co.uk

The Lettering Arts Centre GALLERY & SHOP at Snape Maltings  is open 

 11am until 5pm Fridays to Mondays, including bank holidays

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23 March – 24 June: Berthold Wolpe – The Total Man

The idea of this celebration of Berthold is to portray a rounded picture of him, his life-style, and the environment he lived in. We would like you to leave the exhibition with a feeling of having met him. He was a master of calligraphy and type design, a prolific dust-jacket artist, and a polymath, with a magpie curiosity for collecting anything with which to fuel his creative world.
Curated by Professor Phil Cleaver

29 June – 9 September: The Alphabet Museum

This exhibition is intended to be a celebration of what may well be humankind’s greatest invention, the tool which allows us to communicate with one another over great distances and time and yet is so ubiquitous as to have become almost invisible to those of us who can use it daily. Without a system of writing based upon the sounds any given symbol represents we would still have to use intricate pictographic representations of the information we wished to communicate to others which would not only be quite cumbersome but also incapable of expressing our more abstract concepts and feelings.
Curated by Eric Marland

21 September – 12 November: Celebrating  the 30th Anniversary of Memorials by Artists

Harriet Frazer MBE created Memorials by Artists out of the need to mark her step daughter Sophie’s life with something beautiful, that would truly do justice to her creative spirit: 30 years later, Memorials by Artist has helped well over 5000 people to commission a commemorative artwork to mark their loved ones life. This exhibition charts the journey of making memories, the collaboration between artist and client, and creating commemorative art that will endure for hundreds of years.
Curated by Annet Stirling (Incisive Letterwork) & The Lettering Arts Trust

Apprentice's Blog

Follow our eighth apprentice, Jackie Perkins on her lettercarving journey with Master Lettercarver, Eric Marland  Jackie’s Blog

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