How did students review our letter design and letter carving courses?

Kirkthwaite, Cumbria

"Pip (Hall) is a wonderfully talented, vibrant teacher, I have learnt so much on her three day workshop in Dent, lovely company and best of all home-made soup!" C Watts

"A beautiful location and very friendly atmosphere – it rained for two days but even that was inspiring! Lovely time and I made some new friends." JH

"Tom (Perkins) and Eric (Marland) are amazing! Their knowledge of design and carving are mind blowing! I recently finished a long course at College, but nothing compares to what I have learnt in just six days on this workshop. I had a great time." AF

"Tom’s (Perkins) command of the design of a  letterform is so exact and encompassing, every stroke is taught in minute detail – I thought I knew everything about how a letter was constructed – I was wrong!" HG

"Eric’s (Marland) knowledge is amazing – a tour of The Chapel’s cemetery was a definite highlight, beautiful lettering in a tranquil setting, thanks for a great six days." FB

"I’ve just been on another fantastic course run by the Lettering Arts Trust and returned home yet again inspired by the talented men and women who want to share their creativity, knowledge and enthusiasm to encourage people to take up their own pens, brushes and chisels when they get home. I couldn’t wait to get to the studio each day even after a long drive from London there and back. A friendly and interesting group of people all wanting to be inspired and learn from the tutor."
Tim, London

"It was simply brilliant! A very talented craftsman and a wonderful course.  He provided just what I needed and more.  Not only do I feel that he has helped me take the first steps in developing the skill of letter carving, but he provided a history course, a design course and a quick trip through a whole range of lettering artists. Furthermore, an unexpected trip to the local graveyard - seeing examples of lettering on gravestones from the past 3 centuries, was something I shall remember for many years. I have attended many courses over the past twenty years. this was the best by far." 
John, Norfolk