Join our register

The Lettering Arts Trust champions the art and craft of fine lettercarving and a background in fine lettering is therefore a fundamental requirement of all artists wishing to join our register.

Our Selection Committee consists of several leading lettercarvers and letter designers who meet with us in January each year, to review the work that has been sent to us at that time. Applicants are then notified of the committee’s decision and feedback is offered to those who are unsuccessful.

All the lettercarvers on our register have studied design, letterform and lettercarving for many years before becoming professional lettercarvers. The panel are therefore looking for work of exceptional quality, which demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the use of letterform and successful application of design principles. Emphasis is placed on consistent quality and originality of work, as well as on training and previous experience.

The artists with whom we work have the following:

  • A good training in lettering - almost all our memorials involve an inscription - it is very important that the lettering is of the highest quality

  • The ability to present well- drawn designs

  • A good knowledge of the features of different materials and of fixing memorials

  • The patience and sympathy to deal with the bereaved. More often than not clients want changes made to the design. Two, three, four or more designs sometimes have to be made. There are also often long 'waiting periods' before clients make decisions.

  • A willingness to work with the Lettering Arts Trust. We need the artists we work with to communicate well with us and to support and promote the work of the Trust.

  • Valid, full insurance

Making an Application

If you wish to be considered at the next meeting in February 2019, please would you send us the following by January 20th:

  • As much information as possible about your background in lettering and designing of letters as possible (carving is of secondary importance)

  • A current CV and details of recent work

  • 4-5 drawings showing different types of work

  • 6 photographs of work, illustrating the range and style of your work

  • A small carved sample of a few letters or a word in lower and upper case

All information, photographs and drawings should be sent to us by email to:
If you would like information on the training we offer in letter design and lettercarving , please visit our training page