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How you can help

It's amazing what our supporters can do

The Lettering Arts Trust is an independent non-profit charity, and the only organisation to champion the traditional art of letter carving in the UK. We receive no funding from the government or any local authority. It’s why we rely on donations and goodwill from our Friends, Patrons and supporters to continue our goal of keeping the UK’s tradition of letter carving alive for years to come. 


How your support helps

Your donations allow us to showcase the very best examples of our lettering heritage and the work of contemporary masters. They help us give a much-needed platform to the most talented young artists, and provide a centre for learning for people curious about the lettering arts.

“Without the grant I would not have been able to follow my career in letter carving…I have found my role in life which is deeply satisfying.”— Ben Williams, Lettering Arts Trust Journeyman 2016

Please donate

Even a small donation makes a big difference to what we are able to do.

Currently we have to restrict our gallery and shop opening hours to just a few days a week. An increase in donations would mean we can open this unique space for longer: a gift of £20 enables us to staff our gallery and shop for one hour. A gift of £500 supports the cost of curating one exhibition. 

Donate now


Join us as a Friend and enjoy the many events the Lettering Arts Trust holds, all while supporting the lettering arts.



Become one of our corporate sponsors and show your support of a beautiful heritage art form. We could make a great team. Our vibrant exhibition programme presents the work of the finest contemporary artists in the UK.



Join us as a Friend and enjoy the many events the Lettering Arts Trust holds, all while supporting the lettering arts.



Become a Patron and enjoy a strong, close relationship with us. Not only with behind-the-scenes access to our exhibitions, and invitations to exclusive events with artists and curators, you’ll also be helping a vital part of our cultural heritage thrive.


Get involved

We are always in need of a helping hand. Our volunteers help in the shop run workshops and events as well as helping with administration, IT and marketing support and much more. Why not join us? If you have a few hours to spare why not join us?

How donations help deliver projects

Your donations and support ensure that much-needed training and apprenticeships continue to be given to letter carvers. It quite simply means that master letter carvers can pass their skills on to the next generation of letter carvers. Apprentices, newly established letter carvers, Journeymen… all benefit greatly from your financial support.

Apprenticeship Scheme

We are delighted to be funding our ninth apprentice this year.

journeyman scheme

Your donations help support letter carvers in their quest to finesse their skills.

The Harriet Frazer bursary

Our bursary currently helps established letter carvers as they progress their careers.


letter-carving Workshops

Donations support the running of our workshops at the Lettering Arts Centre and around the UK.

The Art & Memory Collection

We look after and promote our nationwide Art & Memory collection.

Commissioning Guidance

Donations help pay advisers who provide guidance through the commissioning process.


Lettering workshops for schools

Inspiring the next generation is made possible through our generous donors.

TOUCH Workshops for blind and visually impaired children

Donations fund these much needed and inspiring workshops.


Focusing on my chopping technique, learning the techniques of carving letters in wood. Working away on site in the Highlands and with John’s advice on costing jobs I feel better armed for my future as a letter carver…Thank you to the Lettering Arts Trust for all their support.
— Joe Hickey, Journeyman to John Neilson