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Decorative commissions


Planning a decorative piece?

Let us help bring your ideas to life

People commission a decorative work for all sorts of reasons, a marriage, a birth, a special birthday or a 'just because' gift for a loved one. Hand-carved lettering has a clarity and expressive beauty and has long been used to inscribe names, dates, poems and prose on stone, metal or wood. For more than 30 years, we’ve helped people choose the decorative piece that is right for them. It all starts with a conversation – either by phone, or in person. We guide you through the process of selecting a letter carving artist and are always on hand should you have any questions.

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The Carving Process

Whether it’s a large garden plaque or a small sundial you’ve commissioned, your artist will carefully trace your agreed design directly onto your chosen material. Only when the letters and images are absolutely perfect will the artist commit a hammer to the chisel and start to cut beautifully sculptural letterforms.

Installing your piece

Many decorative works won't need any specialist installation advice, but your artist will talk you through everything you need to know before your piece is delivered.

The Right Choice

Once we have an idea of what sort of piece you’d like to commission, we review the artists on our register. We’ll help you select the right artist to design and create a decorative piece that will be admired for years to come.   

A Drawing Estimate

Once you’ve chosen your artist, you’ll chat with them by phone or email to discuss your ideas. From this, your artist will give you an idea of the costs. They will then create a drawing, this is a collaborative process, with you free to make suggestions on the design. Once you approve a design and the costs, you’ll receive a timing schedule.

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Book a consultation

The commission team is always available during working hours. If you would like a free consultation or chat, we are here to guide you through your decision making and advise on which artists would suit your requirements.

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Browse the gallery

Some of our artists are featured here, but contact us if you would like to see more. Their beautiful pieces are also throughout the UK, and at the Lettering Arts Centre.

Harry Brockway

DISCOVER  our artists

We work with over 75 independent letter-carving artists around the country, all of whom have been approved by a selection panel of Master letter carvers.

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If you would like to join our register of approved artists please fill in the form on the link below to register your interest. 

The artist’s workshop was a revelation. I was able to take my time and I was immediately aware of the great quality of his work . He explained the characteristics of differnet materials and what would work with great care.
— J.A.