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From WW1 memorials to the Bali Bombings Memorial, the art of the letter carver has been an integral part of permanent public memorials. Tracing the name of a lost one cut deep into stone is a source of immense solace to many. We have helped in the creation of many significant public memorials over the last 30 years. We can guide you to the right artist for your project, selecting from our register of artists, all of whom have been chosen for their exceptional craftsmanship.

The possibilities of keeping memories alive in public are infinite. Most public memorials are made of stone, but many artists also work in paper, lead, iron, bronze, silver, wood, ceramic, glass or even living landscapes.

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Bali Bombings Memorial, London

Letter carvers Gary Breeze and Martin Cook have worked with Memorials by Artists (now the Lettering Arts Trust) for many years. In 2005 the commissioners of the Bali Bombings Memorial selected these wonderful artists. This highly emotive project involved the extensive re-landscaping and design of an architecturally sensitive site in London. The Bali Bombing Memorial features a wall of names carved into Portland stone with a sphere of granite covered in 200 individual doves, representing the spirits of those who were killed. 


 Donor Window Lettering, Westminster Abbey

Charlotte Howarth, working closely with Westminster Abbey studios, helped create the lettering on the cathedral’s donor windows. Studio artists painted over Charlotte’s letter forms onto the glass, and Charlotte oversaw the letters before they were fired

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Christ Church Cloister Fountain, Oxford

In 2010 Memorials by Artists (now The Lettering Arts Trust) arranged the commission of a new fountain at Christ Church Cloister. Letter carver Gary Breeze worked with Norfolk leadwork craftsman Brian Turner to create a fountain cast in lead and a lead container for a new olive tree.


The Silver Darlings, Great Yarmouth Library

Charlotte Howarth is a letter carver with a long association with Memorials by Artists (now The Lettering Arts Trust). When Norfolk Library Services wanted a public memorial for its building, we discussed with them what they wanted, and suggested Charlotte. She consulted with the local community to create something local people would want. The six beautiful plaques that are sited on the side of the library wall are testament to this local involvement.


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Some of our artists are featured here, but contact us if you would like to see more. Their beautiful pieces are also throughout the UK, and at the Lettering Arts Centre.

Harry Brockway

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We work with over 75 independent letter-carving artists around the country, all of whom have been approved by a selection panel of Master letter carvers.

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If you would like to join our register of approved artists please fill in the form on the link below to register your interest. 

We wanted to find an alternative way of celebrating the generosity of donors that would be more interesting than a standard ‘honours board’. Charlotte’s lettering ensures that our new ‘donor board’ will have an additional level of long-lasting artistic interest than might otherwise have been the case.
— P.D.