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Legacy giving

leaving a gift in your will

Every year, 10,000 people visit the Lettering Arts Centre. Here, people of all ages get a chance to experience our exhibitions and see work by some of the UK's leading artist letter carvers. The skills they so admire are, however, at risk as the opportunities to learn the craft of letter carving are few and far between. 

By leaving a legacy gift to the Lettering Arts Trust, you can help us continue to safeguard this timeless art for future generations.

We use our legacy funds to provide a portfolio of much-needed training opportunities. These ensure that the hard-won skills of letter carvers, handed down through the generations, will not die out when the current practitioners retire.  To date, we have trained eight apprentices, five Journeymen and have had scores of students through our workshops.

How to leave a legacy

You can support the work of the Lettering Arts Trust in the following ways


Leave a gift in your Will

to the Lettering Arts Trust, charity number 1148638.

If you already have a Will and wish to add a gift for the benefit of the Lettering Arts Trust, you can do so by making a codicil (amendment) to your Will. In every case, we strongly recommend that you consult a solicitor when making or updating your Will, to ensure that it is legally valid and reflects your intentions.

You can find a solicitor on the Law Society website:

legacy book

Types of Legacy

There are three main types of legacy which you can leave to our charity.

  • A cash legacy – this is a gift of a sum of money
  • A specific legacy – this is a gift of an item or items such as jewellery, shares, a painting or a property
  • A residuary gift – your “residuary estate” is what remains of your assets after your debts and other expenses, such as funeral costs, tax etc., have been deducted and after your cash and specific legacies have been paid. A residuary gift is a legacy of the whole or a share of your residuary estate.

with a specific request

If you want to, you can leave a specific legacy to our charity.

The funds to go towards any one of our particular projects, or towards core funding for the charity to support our everyday costs.  Some of the projects you may wish to support are:

  • Our Apprenticeship scheme
  • The Journeyman scheme
  • The Harriet Frazer bursary
  • TOUCH workshops for blind children
  • New work to be commissioned for The Art & Memory Collection
  • Lettering workshops for schools
The tradition of letter carving on these islands stretches back centuries and the patient artist-craftsmen are still among us, serving the human need to mark a life, leave a trace and define a beloved memory.
— Libby Purves, Patron

Post Note: If you make a request or express a wish that we use your legacy for a particular project, we would not be obliged to use your legacy for that project, but we would do all we could to do so.  If you are adamant that you want your legacy to be used for a particular project and you do not want it to be used for any other purpose, you can state in your Will that the charity must use your legacy for that purpose. But please do bear in mind that if the charity cannot use your legacy for that project, the legacy might not take effect at all. So it is preferable if you speak to us first if you want to leave a legacy for a particular project only. We'd be delighted to provide more details on all our projects and on what core funding would mean to us.

Thank you for considering a legacy

If you have made a legacy in your Will in favour of our charity, or if you are thinking of doing so, thank you. We’d be grateful if you could let us know  to help us with our financial planning.

You can do so by filling out the form or calling Sarah Harrison  on:

01728 688 393 / 01728 688 934.

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