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Are you planning a memorial work of art that will be placed in your garden or estate?

We help people to commission beautiful, hand-made memorials. Whatever form you want to create - a sundial, plaque or sculpture – we can help you.

Why choose us? 

  • We guide you - from initial free consultation through to completion we are on hand with advice and guidance throughout this emotional journey

  • the finest makers - these artists are the UK’s most skilled letter carvers

  • Individual - create a personal work of art that truly reflects what you are commemorating

  • Made by hand - hand-carved lettering has a presence and expressive power that a machine-made memorial can’t match

  • Artists chosen by experts - master letter carvers choose the artists with whom we work, selecting only those who demonstrate an originality of design and an advanced understanding of letterforms

  • Skills and tradition - these artists are among the very few letter carvers with the skills and training needed to produce the finest, most original work, passed on through generations of craftspeople

  • YOUR CHOICE OF DESIGN - from standing stones and sculptures, to benches, metal work, sundials and bespoke pieces

Martin Cook Oak and Slate Bench.jpg

For more than 30 years, we have helped people to create unique and personal memorials. Our team will guide you every step of the way with a free consultation.  

Call us on 01728 688393

Or complete our online form. You can also visit our artists’ profiles page and get in touch with an artist directly. 


Visit the gallery for ideas, or contact artists directly in the artists’ profiles section.

Heavy relief carving with tooling

Heavy relief carving with tooling

Incised lettering on riven slate

Incised lettering on riven slate

Incised lettering and gilding

Incised lettering and gilding


Book a consultation

The memorial team is always available during working hours. If you would like a free consultation or chat, we are here to guide you through your decision making and advise on which artists would suit your requirements.

Fill out the form or contact us on

01728 688 393 / 01728 688 934.

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My job is to make them feel at ease with what they want to do and let them be in control. Then to fine tune their ideas and bring it all together. I’m their hands really.
— Andrew Daish, Artist