Andrew Daish

I am a carver and letter cutter based in York who designs and makes commissions including memorials, plaques, house signs, sundials and public art. I work mainly in stone and wood, though I have worked in other media including glass.

I started my carving career in 1988 as an Architectural Carvers apprentice at Dick Reids Workshop in York where i took part in restoration work on stately homes including Spencer House in London. i was then fortunate enough to work with the late David Kindersley in Cambridge where I learned my lettering skills.

I have enjoyed working collaboratively with the general public, artists, craftsmen and local authorities alike, in different parts of the UK, since the early 90's. When designing memorials, my approach is to try to be sensitive to my clients needs and to try to enterpret their "vision". As can be seen from my example photos, I am comfortable designing in both traditional and modern styles and feel strongly that the end design should be both appropriate and an accurate reflection of the character of the remembered. Above all, a memorial should be a thing of beauty and, potentially, a pleasant place to visit.

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Classical headstones

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