Malcolm Sier

I produce a wide variety of commissioned work from memorials and garden features through to public art projects. Whenever possible I exploit the sculptural potential of a piece, integrating aesthetic and expressive qualities from overall shape to the textural feel of incised lettering, responding to each opportunity with due care and sensitivity with the aim of creating something unique.

My approach to the work always starts with careful consideration of the brief and development of the design. My preferred medium is stone - I work in limestones, slates and sandstones - but I also use other materials such as glass and metal. I have a great love of materials and carving techniques, through which I aim to convey feeling and spirit.

My inspirations range from natural forms, ancient carvings from our and other cultures, and the history of carved lettering, to more contemporary art and calligraphy.

Much of my work involves close collaboration with clients. This is particularly so in my work as a memorial artist. For the client, personal involvement with the creative process can prove a most rewarding experience, through working together in clarifying ideas and achieving a mutually satisfying design. It allows the work to be experienced through its making.

My workshop is based in the West Midlands. 

Contemporary headstones

Classical headstones

Memorial tablets

Children's memorials

Public works

Sculpture & architecture

Building plaques

Heraldry & religion

Garden pieces

Gifts & celebratory

Sundry works