Peter Hampson

Peter Hampson was one of a small number of artist/craftsmen chosen to train under the Memorial Arts Charity’s apprenticeship scheme. This gave him the opportunity to learn the art of hand letter-carving under the guidance of some of this country’s finest master craftsmen.

Now an experienced letter-carver, he welcomes commissions for all domestic, architectural and memorial purposes at his workshop in East Sussex. His work encompasses anything that requires carving on stone, from headstones, standing stones, garden features and sundials to wall plaques, house names and numbers.     

He believes that good communication between client and artist is vital when commissioning work. While some clients have a clear sense of what they want from the beginning, for most, this evolves as they discover what is available to them.

He works with the client at all stages of the process, offering advice on lettering styles, symbols, overall design and materials. He then provides drawn to scale sketches to be discussed and if necessary, changed, before carving begins. In this way, the resulting work can accurately reflect the individual needs of the commissioning client.

Contemporary headstones

Classical headstones

Memorial tablets

Building plaques

Garden pieces

Gifts & celebratory

Sundry works