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Influence, experimentation, and play in contemporary lettering

Curated by Mark Noad

The history of lettering and design has been driven by developments in technology from the earliest clay tablets to the latest tablet computers. Different mediums, tools, materials, cultures all contribute to the creation of innovative letterforms and layouts. This is as true today as it’s ever been with constant developments in the way we communicate.

The aim of this exhibition is to demonstrate that an enquiring mind and a fertile imagination are essential ingredients to producing new, innovative, and inspiring work in all fields of the lettering arts. While crafts skills and a knowledge of the history of lettering and design are essential to good practice, if all we do with them is replicate established conventions then little or no progress is made and creativity becomes stagnant.

A willingness to not be constrained by convention, to look outside ones own field using different media and production methods, using imagination and not being afraid to occasionally make mistakes are key to creating truly original work.

This exhibition will bring together an eclectic and diverse selection of artists and designers who all demonstrate that they are willing to try something new. In doing so, the exhibition sets up a dialogue between the different lettering disciplines encouraging the visitor (and the participants) to consider how the cross-pollination of ideas can benefit the continuing development of lettering and design.

The exhibition will feel active rather than passive with visitors encouraged to interact with some of the exhibits and to share their experiences on social media.

Exhibition branding designed by Mark Noad

Exhibition branding designed by Mark Noad