The healing power of a memorial

When we lost those dearest to us, commissioning a memorial to celebrate their life can be the hardest task facing us, but it can also be the most rewarding.


It is enormously comforting to know that the ancient tradition of carving words into stone to honour a life is still possible in this digital age.  

Knowing where to turn for advice at a time when you are dealing with so many emotions can be difficult.  We have been helping clients for 30 years, guiding them to an artist who will create a memorial designed and carved by hand. Whether that is a traditional headstone for a churchyard or a sculpture for a garden, their works are pieces of solemn beauty, truly personal reflections of a life lost.

"Each memorial achieves an uplifting expression of the best of us through the care and thought that inspired it, and the beauty of its expression.” Lettering Arts Trust client

Commissioning a memorial – in whatever form, whether a gravestone, plaque or sculpture -is unlike any other form of commission. It will require decisions that choosing one from a catalogue will not.  But it is precisely this personal involvement that is part of the satisfaction that the whole process can bring. It is extremely powerful to have the opportunity to think deeply about just what it is about the loved one that is to be remembered and the subject of their memorial. The emotional significance of the works is just as valuable as their visual quality and inventiveness. the finished gravestone or plaque is our way of capturing forever who our loved ones were, of defining their beloved memory.

Working with the Lettering Arts Trust


We have gathered together the UK’s foremost letter carvers on to our register of artists, all of them known personally to us through visits and collaborations over many years. The artists are rigorously selected by Master letter carvers for the exceptional quality and originality of their work. Our advisors are familiar with all the artists’ works, their temperaments and process, so that we can guide you to the right artist most suitable for your needs.  And part of deciding which artist will be right for you are factors such as your time scale and budget. To help guide your thoughts, we have produced a range of publications on the many aspects of the design of your memorial, from the material to the inscription: View our Publications.

We are happy to help you, face to face at the Lettering Arts Centre in Suffolk, over the telephone, or by email.  Or you can review the work of the artists on our register and get in touch with them directly: View our Artists Profiles.

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If you would like to talk to us about commissioning a memorial, please contact:

Mary Carter-Campbell, our Head of Commissioning

Abi Fawcus