Adrian Drake

Letters have played a large part in my life having started my working career as a compositor and reader.

Further study of letterform at Reigate Art School brought me into the realms of calligraphy, giving me a sound basis on which to gain a deeper understanding of form. Later I studied at Roehampton College where my skills as a calligrapher and, more importantly to my craft, designer and drawn lettering artist with Gaynor Goffe and Tom Perkins amongst other eminent practitioners in their field. Ultimately I went on to further study letterform and letter carving in stone with Richard Kindersley, whose father David was apprenticed to Eric Gill. Work I was involved in during my time at the Kindersley workshop included The Millennium Stones, Yehudi Menuhin’s monolith and The New Museum’s of Scotland and Ireland. To have been influenced by such respected practitioners and teachers has been an honour and a blessing, which I hope is reflected in my own work.

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