Charles Gurrey

The majority of my work is done to commission, whether from architects, cathedrals and churches, public art agencies, local authorities or private clients.

The medium will depend upon what will be appropriate for a particular piece of work. To date, work has been made in stone; wood; marble; slate; bronze; aluminium; glass; GRP; plaster; stainless steel and wrought iron. Whichever medium is used, my approach is to seek to make something expressly having the character of a wrought thing.

Depending upon the specific commission, I try to develop the aesthetic implications of this approach How can the form and physical realisation of a piece of lettering be true to itself as something wrought? How can figurative work, even that required to be illustrative, draw upon the expressive qualities inherent in a given medium, such that the more abstract and material aspects of a piece can be developed? I try to make work that, as far as may suit a particular context and client, may become as it were, incarnated in the means of expression; become in a sense, a concrete thing.

I value the variety of work I am commissioned to do: a simple headstone; a cathedral facade; an ornamental chimneypiece; architectural signage; garden ornament etc. Especially welcome would be further opportunities to work collaboratively with architects on integral text, abstract detail or figuration, for bold contemporary crafted buildings. Modest private commissions for memorials, textworks or garden ornament, continue to be welcome opportunities for hopefully doing imaginative work. C.V. CHARLES GURREY: Architectural Carver and Sculptor. Self-employed since 1994 as a sculptor designing and making work to commission from architects, local authorities, public art agencies, Cathedrals, private clients, churches etc. Occasional work executed for specific exhibitions. Work produced in a range of wrought media: stone; wood; marble; bronze; aluminium; GRP; plaster; glass; stainless steel; wrought iron etc.

Examples of recent work include: Public Art Projects: A commissioned text from poet laureate, Andrew Motion, incorporated along with carved elements in freestanding V.C. Memorial, Tunbridge Wells. Large textwork roundel in bronze and stone for Vale of Glamorgan Civic Offices approach, involving collaboration with National Poet for Wales, Gillian Clarke. Architectural Commissions: Guildford Cathedral West Front; complete scheme of carved stone figurework together with textwork and other carved panels. Westwater Building, St Helier, Jersey; complete scheme of bronze sculpture and titling for two elevations (current). Work executed in a classical idiom; interior carved wooden chimneypieces, overdoors, friezes, decorative plasterwork ceilings, stone garden urns, ornamental figure panels etc, for Arthington Park (Yorks), Champions Point (Florida), and elsewhere. Series of large bronze sculptural signs for Bradford Cathedral (current).

Textworks: Carved textwork for national memorial exhibition, West Dean College. Sculptural textwork for exhibition at New Art Centre, Roche Court, Wiltshire in collaboration with poet, Josephine Dickinson. Garden textworks for Nottingham and Richmond. Standing stone with text for exhibition at Wolseley Fine Art Gallery, London. Ecclesiastical Commissions: Font in wood and bronze for nave; large stone figure in relief for library and two stone choir screen figures for York Minster. Processional figures in wood for Middlesbrough church. Triptych in carved stone for porch of church in Ipswich. Carved figure panel in wood, together with glass inscriptional panel for church in Matlock.

Large paschal candlestand in wood and wrought iron for church at Limpsfield, Surrey. Riddel post angel figures cast in GRP, heraldic panel in wood and processional cross figure in aluminium for Tonbridge Chapel, Kent. Miscellaneous: Portraiture in bronze, terracotta, stone and plaster, both architectural and private commissions. Commemorative, memorial and other inscriptional work around the country and abroad. Restoration Work: Heraldic carvings in wood and stone for Strawberry Hill (Walpole House), Twickenham. Red Saloon architrave carving for Windsor Castle. Re-constructive restoration of Chippendale suite in Tapestry Room, Newby hall. Collaborative work with Ian Hamilton Finlay. Awards: Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship 2005. Yorkshire and Humberside Individual Artist Award 1995. Work exhibited: National Memorial Exhibition, West Dean College, Sussex. 2009. New Art Centre, Roche Court, Wiltshire. 2008. Wolseley Fine Arts, London. 2005.

Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester. 2000. Memorials by Artists, Blickling Hall, Norfolk. 1998. Member Art Workers Guild, London. Previous work; principal assistant at Dick Reid’s workshop, York 1982-1994. Experience included responsibility for significant work on large-scale award-winning restoration projects at Chatelherault, Hamilton; Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh; Spencer House, London. Published Work: ‘But What Does Restoration Mean?’ This Common Bond University of York 2001. ‘Paradox Will and Religious Belief’ Philosophy vol66 October 1991. ‘Faith and the Possibility of Private Meaning’ Religious Studies vol26 June 1990. ‘Kierkegaard; Faith and Self-Deceit’, Theology volXCII May 1989. 1976-1979: BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Balliol College, Oxford. 1979-1981: MPhil, Philosophy. St. Johns College, Cambridge. August 2009.

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