Charlotte Howarth

Charlotte Howarth is a sculptor, designer, stone carver and letterer and works across the UK and Ireland. 

Working in a variety of materials her work shows a deep sensitivity to line, pattern and texture and is imbued with a sense of fun and joyfulness. Her work is influenced by the tradition of recording events from everyday life and creating a lasting memory. The memorials she makes are  beautifully carved and will weather and age gracefully.

Much of her work is done through collaboration, this can be with communities, a family or a single client but it always involves a sensitive approach and an outcome that it appropriate and reflects the clients aspirations for the work.

Charlotte was chosen by the Memorial Arts Charity as a lettercarving 'Master' and was granted funding to take on and train an apprentice under the MAC training scheme for a period of 2 years.

Contemporary headstones

Classical headstones

Memorial tablets

Children's memorials

Public works

Building plaques

Works in wood

Celebratory & gifts

Sundry works