'His Hands Magic' - Michael Renton 1934 - 20012

'His Hands Magic' - Michael Renton 1934 - 20012


140 page catalogue from the retrospective exhibition of Michael Renton’s life and work, held at the Lettering Arts Trust gallery in 2015.

From the forward by John Nash:

Michael Renton … lived the life of the self-contained , solitary workman, disregarding politics, fashion, and (more often than not) electricity, absorbed in doing what W. R. Lethaby termed ‘the well doing of what needs doing’ - which to him meant depicting, whether on wood, stone or paper. He was self-effacing to a great degree and probably rather enjoyed presenting himself to the world as a country bumpkin … But his talents were enormous, and his hands magic. He became supremely accomplished in drawing pen lettering (he wrote a vigorous and beautiful italic hand), printing, sign writing and brush lettering, letter carving and wood engraving, and was a master - perhaps the last - of fine engraved lettering in wood in the tradition of Reynolds Stone and Leo Wyatt.

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